Building trust: The most important aspect of our work together is the establishment of a trusting therapeutic relationship. Therapy is a collaborative process and it is essential that you feel there is a good fit between us and that you are comfortable asking questions about our work together.

My background as both a Jungian psychoanalyst and a clinical social worker trained in psychotherapy allows me the flexibility to move between various approaches in response to your unique needs. In our initial meeting, we will discuss not only what brings you to therapy, but also which approach is best for you and how we will proceed.

Removing obstacles: Both psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are fundamentally about becoming more of who we are meant to be. My training allows me to listen closely to how you think about problems and how you may operate unconsciously in ways that undermine your intentions to solve them. Together, we will listen for and identify images, ideas and feelings that will help us undo your psychic blocks—obstacles that may be keeping you stuck in depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or other difficulties. As your symptoms fade, you will discover new energy that allows you to live a more fulfilling life.

Life calls not for perfection but for completeness. — Carl Jung
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